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Edwardian Era -
Comixology unbound, Comixology: bloodshot . a former soldier with powers of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood. after having his memory.
Bend korra, Ryneziondraws: a katara sketch (might make it an actual thing later dunno) i kind of borrowed korra’s outfit design and combined it with my usual stuff..
The place fire - page 1 1525, Geekandmisandry: geekandmisandry: this is a screen-cap of this article poorly written bile, in case people do/don’t want to go to the original site..

Aang and Katara
Aang and Katara | Read Sources

Jennifer lynn barnes, Anonymous asked: are you going to write a new series of books or are you just going to be focused on the naturals. i’ve written a new series called the fixer..Bryan konietzko, Korranation: korra is heading to new york comic con!!! that’s right, nickelodeon is hosting a legend of korra panel at new york comic con on thursday, october 9 at.Jitterbug jive, I'm that jackass who's behind discord whooves, lovestruck derpy, and like, a million other blogs. i'm a chronic insomniac who's up at pretty much all hours and i.Edwardian era, Thevintagethimble: edwardian hairstyles a collection of edwardian photographs, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the low pompadour..

Sexy She-Hulk Cosplay

Sexy She-Hulk Cosplay | Read Sources

2014’s 6 Most Elegant Red Carpet Hairstyles for Long Hair

2014’s 6 Most Elegant Red Carpet Hairstyles for Long Hair | Read Sources

Shannon Rose Lane

Shannon Rose Lane | Read Sources

Cute Brunette Teen Selfie

Cute Brunette Teen Selfie | Read SourcesFrom the book “Visionaire’s Fashion 2000”, Steven Gan (editor ...
From the book “Visionaire’s Fashion 2000”, Steven Gan (editor ... | Read Sources

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